Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morning Came

This is my take on a Tommy Tomlinson piece that made me smile today...

Morning came.

Clocks screamed. Blankets shifted. Beds emptied. Eyes squinted. Knees creaked. Showers steamed. Dogs paced. Hair dried. Kids dawdled. Parents groaned. Coffee brewed. Milk splashed. Cereal crunched. Toast popped.

Night relented. Fireplaces roared. Sun arrived. Skies brightened. Darkness left. Televisions chattered. Newspapers landed. Lawns sparkled. Fog lifted. Windshields cleared. Biscuits beckoned. Drive-thru’s bustled. Cars sped.

Morning came.

Suburbs drained. Anchormen reported. Weathermen predicted. Teenagers snoozed. Flags rose. Highways filled. Commuters cussed. Timeclocks clanged. Buses rumbled. Students shuffled. Teachers welcomed.

DJ’s gabbed. Babies cried. Bacon crackled. Cats stretched. Eggs sizzled. Laundry multiplied. Mommies sighed. Chores taunted. Barney sang. Pre-schoolers giggled. Hope returned.

Morning came.

Birds chirped. Runners strained. Homework disappeared. Excuses materialized. Pencils sharpened. Chalkboards glistened. Computers awoke. Employees grumbled. Skyscrapers gleamed. Ideas floated.

Cubicles rustled. Telephones hummed. Mugs overflowed. Caffeine conquered. Heads cleared. Minds raced. Co-workers gossiped. Doughnuts comforted. Expectations soared. People daydreamed. Noon teased.

Morning came.

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