Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh, Fall! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Fall is on his way. I heard his crunchy footsteps off in the distance as I opened the door this morning. He scurried away from my sight. I smelled him, too. My son said, "It smells like cold." Yes, the delicious smell of cold on a September morning. That is Fall, the one I love.

I am aware that Fall is a player. He knows the depth and breadth of my desire for him, and yet he still plays games with me. He sneaks up behind me to put his cool hands over my eyes and whispers, "Guess who?" But as soon as I turn around, he has dashed away again leaving me to suffer through another sweltering day. Fall likes to tease me, and I let him. We'll play hide and seek for another month or so, and then he'll decide it's time to settle down with me again. I always welcome him back with open arms. No questions asked.

Most people see autumn as a time of winding down. Not me. I see it as a time of renewal. When Fall wraps his arms around me, it puts a skip in my step. When Fall ruffles my hair with his cool, refreshing breath, I feel alive again. I cherish the time that Fall and I spend together walking at sunset through the fallen leaves, carving pumpkins, and sharing a slice of my birthday cake (if I were to ever eat a piece of cake). Fall knows how to treat me like a queen when he comes around. He has me wrapped around his finger.

Oh, Fall, it has been so many months that you have been away from me. I have longed for you each day. Now that I have unpacked my sweaters, my boots and the rake, all that is missing is you.

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  1. I LOVED this!!! I also love fall...I can't decide between fall and spring as my absolute favorite though; both seasons are such a time of renewal and joy for me for different reasons. I really LOVE how you wrote about this.


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