Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breck Girl

So I went running today. As usual. How could I not? It was a "Chamber of Commerce" day here in the ol' Sunny South. I stepped out the door to the most beautiful blue sky. The color was so brilliant it must have been digitally enhanced somehow. Everything was green, bursting with color. The temperature was a delightful 70 degrees.

I head out through the hood, the wind blowing my graying, frizzy hair. The sun is warm on my face and sparkles like diamonds on the ponds I pass along my way. Even the ducks and geese have called a truce today, as they splash together in the water.

Then it happened. A glance at the iPod confirmed it. The next song that shuffled up today? It was none other than "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Now, on a rainy day, a sad day, or 364 other days of the year, I would quickly skip ahead past this dinosaur of bell-bottomed arena rock. Not this day, my friend. On this day, I let Dennis DeYoung sing to me in all of his Pre-Mister-Roboto glory.

My pace quickened. A smile started to form as the scene was building in my head. Today, I was the star of my own personal 1970's-era shampoo commercial. I sensually shook my head in the breeze a few times as if I had a luxurious mane of golden blonde hair. I gave a coy smile to the cute imaginary passers-by in the convertible. (OK...in my daydreams I'm NOT old enough to be their mom.) They slow the car a bit, give a few quick taps on the horn that seem to be a secret code language for, "Hey, we'll be back to pick you up later!" I giggle and gently wipe the stream of sweat from my brow.

As I'm waving and flirting with the good-looking pretend guy walking his pretend dog, I'm jolted back into reality. Dennis has climbed aboard the star ship now and is headed for the skies. The next song shuffles up, shattering my delusion, and it's back to the drudgery of my daily run.

Damn you, Katy Perry.


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