Monday, April 6, 2009

Things I Love

1. The smell of freshly cut grass. It makes me think of being a kid and running around the yard barefooted. I lost count of how many honeybee stings I suffered between my toes, but it was worth it. By the way, I NEVER go barefooted now since our vet gave me a quick course on microorganisms.

2. Hushpuppies. I can't eat them now because I have to be concerned about the size of my butt, and hushpuppies work against me in that respect, but aren't they delicious? It may be weird, but I always dipped them in ketchup. I think I ate my weight in hushpuppies at the beach as a kid. I really miss my old metabolism.

3. Wine, but you probably already know that.

4. Music. In fact, I'm completely obsessed. I truly have a soundtrack playing for my life. I carefully choose the score for my day. It has to fit perfectly with my mood, the weather, the season. (Yes, there are songs that only work in certain seasons.) I love everything from Merle Haggard to Metallica to Celtic folk songs. I even love Fergie. I'll admit it. Some days I just need to be alone in my car and sing "Fergalicious" at the top of my lungs. So what's in my car cd player today? Lily Allen, Neko Case, Weezer, and INXS greatest hits with "Need You Tonight" on repeat.

5. Sneaking kisses.

6. Being alone. This never happens any more, ever. I treasure time alone to be quiet, find a moment of clarity or just do nothing. I haven't done that in about 9 years, literally. Refer to #3.

7. Harry Potter. I know that probably seems weird for a 40 year old woman. I love magic, fantasy, spells and castles. I love Sirius Black. (May he rest in peace.) I love Severus Snape. (He's really misunderstood.) I love that Daniel Radcliffe is now an adult.

8. Mexican food. It's like hugging your mama. It's warm, comforting and somehow knows how to make it all better. (Well, that might be the margarita.) You can wrap just about anything in a tortilla and it tastes good. Have you ever opened the El Grande Burrito to see what's actually inside? Don't.

9. Yoga. I would probably commit a crime if I didn't have this tiny amount of "Me" time each day. I am completely jaded and cynical and never thought I would enjoy some hippie telling me to "breathe deeply and release thinking mind". It worked.

10. My family. As Un-Cleaver-like as they may be, they tolerate me. I am completely hard to handle, but they love me and let me be the Queen any way.

11. Me...sometimes.

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