Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To Have and Have Nat

“You are such a bastard,” Leigh sobbed, slapping him hard to emphasize her point.

Zeke stared down at his feet. “At least give me a chance to explain,” he mumbled, not looking up.

She slapped him again. “I can’t believe that you had sex with my Siamese twin sister!” Nat turned away sheepishly.

It was dark and I was drunk,” Zeke protested. He had noticed a scuff on the right toe of his black boots, and was attempting to rub it away on the left leg of his jeans.

“It seems to me that after four years, you would remember that I’m the one on the right.” Leigh smiled a cold smile. Nat looked like she wanted to run.

“Well, ya’ll were sleeping on your stomachs… and like I said before, I was drunk.” Having been unsuccessful in trying to rub the scuff away, Zeke spit on his toe upon completing his sentence. He missed the mark. On his third spit, the bubbly saliva hit its target. Despite his situation, Zeke smiled at his success.

Leigh had stopped screaming at Zeke for the moment. She was instead berating her sister with assorted obscenities. He pulled a red bandanna from his back pocket, bent over and wiped the moistened scuff from his boot.

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