Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've been thinking about Dorothy lately. You know, "Wizard of Oz" Dorothy. It seems we have a lot in common. No, I don't live on a farm with my aunt, uncle and 3 multi-talented farm hands. What I mean is that we both went looking for something that wasn't even missing.

Dorothy ran away because she thought no one understood her, thinking there was some place where life is easier and she could be happy. I was running too for the same reasons. Maybe it was losing my mom and turning 40 in the span of a couple of months. I thought there must be something else out there...what was I missing? Surely I wasn't destined for laundry, toilet cleaning and leftovers for the rest of my life. I'm SPECIAL. Where's my tiara?

I started looking for greener pastures, butterflies, daisies - a fairy tale. It seemed the grass was greener everywhere but here.

Then...the tornado.

When the sun came out again, the damage wasn't as bad as I expected. The clean up is on-going. One good thing came from the storm. It led me to the realization that you have to nurture your own garden if you want to have the beautiful flowers. Getting the green grass takes effort and working on it every day. Just like Dorothy, I found out that what I need is in my own back yard. (OK, minus the dog poop, but that's another story.)

There really is no place like home...

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