Friday, March 13, 2009

Beer is a Damn Close Second

Ok, so it's a well established fact that I Love Wine, but you know what? Beer is a damn close second. For me, beer is like a closet full of fabulous shoes. Just like shoes, there is a beer for every occasion.

Going out with girlfriends to a pub a little farther away from home than the law will allow? Guinness Stout. It's like Ugg boots. It makes me feel tough. I know I won't drink too much or too fast. I can look at all the guys in the bar drinking Miller Lite and say "Wusses!". I tell my friends I like my beer like I like my men - dark, thick and a little scary.

A hot day on the beach? Why, Corona of course! It's my comfortable flip flops. You can wear the 2-piece without worrying about a big, bloated beer belly. It reminds me of Jimmy Buffett and good times.

If I'm feeling a little crazy and I want to wear my pink flats with the green polka-dots, I just walk into Earth Fare and grab whatever beer has the craziest package. It doesn't matter that it's Raspberry Pomegranate Beer with a hint of cinnamon and jalapeno peppers. You're living in the moment. Go crazy.

If I'm exercising my womanly right of indecisiveness, it's a black and tan of course. This is that day when I tried on 14 pairs of shoes and they all made my butt look big. It's two great beers in one glass. No decision needed.

How about that good hair day when everything's coming up roses? My favorite - IPA. Oh How I Love Thee, India Pale Ale. This beer is like my sassy, pointy black heels that make my calves look epic. It instantly puts a smile on my face and makes me forget that my dogs trashed the laundry room while I was out. is good.

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