Friday, February 27, 2009

Raising 'Em Right

Act 1: Stand alone
3 p.m., November 1, 2004. Jack gets in the car following another Monday in 3rd grade. When asked about his day, he bursts into tears. When asked what's causing the emotion, he relates his story. "We held mock elections today, and everyone was making fun of me. I'm the only one who voted for John Kerry." Hmmm. I ask for more. "We were given a list of things each of the candidates believes in, I looked at both, and I like what Mr. Kerry believes in more." Okay, so you picked the candidate who shares your views. "Yeah, but everyone else made fun of me because they said that their parents said Kerry was stupid and that he would hurt the country if elected. Who are you and mom voting for?" It's not important who I'm voting for, and your mother won't tell me who she's voting for. What's important is that you know who you would vote for. And, the great thing is no one HAS to tell anyone who they are voting for if they don't want to. "Well, it didn't sound like anyone in class except for me made up their own mind. They just did what their parents were saying." Yes, they did; didn't they?

Act 2: Why not?
Saturday afternoon, sometime in spring 2008. 8-year-old Maggie asks a zinger at dinner. “Is it true that a woman can’t be the President?” Why would you ask that? “Well, Aspen and I were playing outside today; and out of the blue she just says, ‘My dad says that a woman could never be the President.’” What did you say? “I told her I thought one could because otherwise why would Mrs. Clinton be running for President.” Any response from your friend? “She said her dad told her that she couldn’t do as good a job as a man.” And what do you think? “I always thought anyone could become President, and I do think a woman could do as good a job as a man.” Then, regardless of what your friend, her dad, or anyone believes, you are right. “Cool.”


  1. Jacob had a similar experience in his 3rd grade mock election this year. He was the only kid voting for Obama and boy did he hear about from the other kids. I was proud he stood by his decision!


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